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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter ?

"The dog represents all that is best in man."

~ Etienne Charlet


Professional pet care provides peace of mind.

Pets are happier and experience less stress at home.• Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.• Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.• Pet's exposure to illness is minimized. Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called

What to Ask Your Pet Sitter?

Great questions to ask when interviewing all pet sitters:

Are you licensed? Bonded? Insured?

What kind of experience do you have?

What training and credentials do you have?

Do you have references?

What associations do you belong/affiliations?

What are the pet care hours?

Explain visits and rates?

How long are visits? Do you socialize with the pets? How long?

Are you experienced with giving medicines?

Can you offer grooming/ specialty care?

Do you transport pets ?

Do you offer discounts for multiple pets, miltary, seniors?

All meet and greets are complimentary?

Do you have a pet sitting contract?

How many pets do you watch at once?

What do you do in case of emergencies?

What to look for in pet care professionals:

Good References


Good Reviews

Social Media links

A solid pet care contract

Good "gut" feeling for your pet sitter

Confidence around pets

Communication and business skills

and more..


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