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A Walk in the Park Pet Care Services

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."

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Looking for the right pet care for your pets? A WALK IN THE PARK.Redefining Playtime.

Offering exceptional pet care services 365 & 24/7throughout San Diego. At A walk in the park pet care, you can expect exceptional, loving pet care, reliable and attentive services and trained and seasoned pet professional. We work hard to assure peace of mind and an exceptional play experience for happy owners and happy healthy pets.

Why is regular dog walking so important?

-Dogs need regular exercise and stimulating physical and mental activity to stay healthy and fit.-Dogs naturally actively seek to investigate, smell, run, play, socialize and enjoy activities. -Dogs and people benefit from at least 30 minutes of activity daily! Remember a bored dog may get into mischief!

Professional Pet Sitting


  • Available to all cats, dogs, small, furry, avian and exotics
  • 2-3 daily visits while you’re away includes 30+ min walks, feedings, playtime and tlc.
  • Mid-day pick up and park trips available, pet grooming, taxi services + more! 

Medical Treatment Administration:

-Under supervisory support of veterinarian only.

-Sub-Q fluids, Sub-Q Injections, insulin treatments, oral medications, post operative monitoring, welping, birthing care.

-Medication administration services as well at minimal charge.

Dog Walking & Playdates:

  • Private 45-60+ minute walks-Doggie daycare up to 6 hours-Off leash dog beach, park and play trips In-Home & Overnight Pet Sitting Services.
  • Overnight stays available to your pet in your home up to 10hrs.-Inclusive walks, feedings, home care and full house sitting available

Dog Boarding:

In Pet sitters home 24/7 personal boarding, cuddling and spoiling!-Includes extensive walks, up to 3 daily, doggie park trips daily, grooming, vet trips+.

Cat Sitting and Boarding:

  • In your home kitty sitting or personal boarding and 24/7 care, cuddling and spoiling!
  • Drop in visits offered 1-2 times daily. Includes 1 hour visit minimum, daily litter box cleaning, water, feedings and play time socialization. Will look to make sure your cat comes out to socialize and check on your cats well being.
  • In home private boarding and 24/7 care. Excellent for an anxious cat,m long trips or cats requiring medications.
  • Grooming, medications and vet trips are also offered upon request.


  • Equine and large animal care
  • Emergency care, Hotel /vacation pet care       

Pet Sitter Qualifications:

Licensed, bonded, insured.

Specialty Pet Care Services:

  • Puppy Services & training
  • A Run in the Park Pet Care Fitness Running
  • Pet taxi, veterinary taxi services
  • Pet grooming, bathing and toenail trims
  • Purchase pet food, medication refill and supply care

15+ years vet technician experiences, extensive pet training experience, pet first AID, over 20 years raising, training and showing Morgan Horses, active local member of pet rescue societies, fostering, and proud NAPPS, Pet Sit USA member.

Please call to learn more about excellent services for a complimentary in-home consultation and the opportunity to meet the team and YOUR pets!

Contact anytime for a free consult or to learn more about pet care!

Contact Us: (619) 772-2023

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